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About Me


Selamat datang! That’s ‘welcome’ in Malay.  

I am currently a Senior UX Design Consultant at Ernst & Young. I am a creative and analytical designer, passionate and driven to improve people’s experiences with digital products. My success and extensive experience in my previous career of TV/Film costume design paired with work in UX Design program shape my innovative, human-centered, research-backed solutions. 


Being Malay and American and having lived all over the world gives me a devotion to cultural awareness, open-minded thinking, and inclusivity. I thrive working collaboratively in teams and am committed to having a direct and positive impact on the lives of people from all backgrounds through effortless, empathetic design. 

When I’m not exploring my surroundings for design inspiration, I’m cooking up a storm in my kitchen, going on walks with my dog, and enjoying New York life. 

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