The Business Challenge

The Solution

Discover & Define

Suggestions to improve heuristics of current site.

- Impression test participant 

Key Interview Takeaways

Cater to varied


Beginners are more intimidated to grow herbs as they are more likely to blame themselves if it doesn't grow. Experienced users understand the trial & error nature of germinating seeds. 

Save money

& the world 

While most users do purchase from large corporate e-commerce businesses for their ease and affordability, they're unsatisfied when the companies' values don't align with their own.

Help the users' imagination

When online shopping for non-essential items, users value aspirational imagery where they can easily envision themselves enjoying the product. 


Each team member created a divergent concept to solve the problem, based on our user research. My concept focused on: 

Usability Testing

The Iterated Design Solution



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